Main factors for poor winding

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Tin line processing to the line in the last procedure is, that is processing the good solder wire with rubber shaft revolves around good, generally are on the market the most common specifications ¢0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm ¢¢; Weight is 0.5 kg to 0.5 kg commonly. Then you know affect tin thread take-up their line effect is what are the reasons? Small make up made some arrangement, for your reference.
1, equipment, processing precision, especially the alignment is very important
Some equipment factory of coarsely, poor accuracy, seemingly machines are about the same, accept big line may not be very obvious, the smaller the take-up, required accuracy is higher, the choose and buy when suppliers mainly focus on some items.
2, quality of the rubber shaft that nots allow to ignore
For solder wire manufacturers, the roller is consumable, is one of cost factor, some manufacturers in order to save money, buy some poor quality rubber shaft, embodied in: plastic shaft alignment has a problem, the edge hardness is not enough, easy to deformation, etc. On the surface seems to reduce the purchase cost, but due to some of the cost is owing to bad line, led to the decrease of the percent of pass, the consequences of secondary and recycled.
3, size is one of the effect the take-up tension
Different wire diameter need different tension, experienced people should know that the line in when the result is bad, on the wire wheel round a circle around a circle more or less can change the line effect. And around more or less the tension is increased and decreased respectively. As to how many, how to change, it depends on different wire diameter, different materials, and the scene of the factors to decide.
4, guide wheel is a key factor
The role of the guide wheel from the word can be very intuitive understanding that, role, that is, change the line direction of wheels. Guide wheel weight, width, and cooperate with shaft, precision directly affects the effect of take-up. Weight, width is determined by the equipment manufacturer, with accuracy in addition to related to the manufacturer, as users are scrambling to play between the guide wheel and shaft preview, increasing lubrication degree, let walking wire wheel smoothly, to put it away.
And, of course, many factors influence the effect of drawing line receive a line a lot, more than four points is a big factor, that is to say, directly affect the factors cannot meet the requirements of drawing line. If want to know more, can make a phone call or focus on new torchs website for a long time, we will not be on a regular basis will be little knowledge and skills in the form of information.
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